Saturday, November 24, 2012


Christmas is a holiday that christians celebrate because Jesus was born on December 25. People can use
an Advent calendar to count the days until Christmas, an Advent calendar has chocolate inside of it.
on Christmas, of cours, you get presents. Heres a list of things you could get: Movies: Diary of a wimpy kid, Dora, Country bears, Monsters Ink., Tinker bell, so & so... On Christmas, you'r family will get cozy under the Christmas tree and might drink hot coco for fun. Its almost Christmas, have fun!

Monday, November 12, 2012

roller coasters

Rollar coasters are awesome! here are some roller coasters and other rides: Back lot-stunt coaster, super duper looper, taxi jam, wind seeker, intimanator, rebell yell, ferris wheel. Some rollar coasters are made out of medal and wood. Kingsdaminion is a GREAT place to go durring the summer! It takes about 3 hours to get their, totally worth it!
the history of slavery covers slave systems in historical perspective in witch one human being is legally the property of a nother, slavery was very, very, very hard work for people. but people were forced to do it. white people where better than blacks back then.