Monday, May 28, 2012

Animals can move in many different  ways. like a bird can fly, and a sloth can move very very slowly. if you study them you will see that some can walk, swim and run.
'back in the Maya days people could do very cool things. like dip crickets into chocolate sauce. if they wanted to get water they could go to a well to get it. people worked very hard for slavery. they had to escape very quickly and quietly.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A bunch of animals can do very good things to them and the earth. like a worm can eat soil and then poop it out to help the soil. if you really study animals you can see that they help the earth grow and change. Animals can help the world in many awesome ways and so can you!
animals can have lots of skin coverings. Like fish have scales, and dogs have fur.
If you study a human's skin on there head you can see tiny little bits of hair. hair is another kind of covering. If you closely look on a horse's head you can see hair starting at there head and ending at the end of there neck. some people think you should only call that kind of mane fur or hair. But the proper
use is mane. a horse and a lion both have a mane.